Computer Literacy Programme (CLP)

About CLP

Computer literacy programme was initiated by the government of Tamilnadu in all Government colleges to enrich all undergraduate non-computer science students from the year 2000 -2001. A separate lab was established with the computer and other necessary equipment by ELCOT. An examination is conducted by the Directorate of Collegiate Education, Chennai at the end of the programme and a certificate is issued. This programme is regulated by a CLP monitoring committee. All Non-computer science I year UG students benefit from this programme every year.

Aim of the Programme

  • To impart Computer knowledge to all the non – Computer science students.
  • To make all the college going students computer literate.
  • To motivate the non computer science students to apply Computer technology in their respective fields of study.
  • To introduce modern Computer technology to staff members for teaching and evaluation techniques.
  • The jobs has been installed for visually impaired students

Work Load For Clp Staff Members

Theory            : 60 Hours (Per Month)
Practical         : 90 Hours (Per Month)
Internet           : 15 Hours (included Practical hours)
  • A final common examination at the end of the course.
  • Certificates are issued by the director of collegiate education on successful completion of the training course.

Benefits of CLP 

The Computer Literacy Program is being conducted for Non-computer science students. The students are being trained on the state-of-art technologies both theoretically and practically.  The orientation of the training is towards job fetching in the IT market with renowned skills in recent developments. Course Curriculum The students are trained on the basic knowledge of Ms-Office, Internet technologies, basics of C language and HTML. A common examination (theory) is conducted for the CLP students throughout Tamilnadu, at the end of the course. Based on their performance, a Certificate is CLP-Overview Page 2 of 3 issued from the Government of Tamilnadu which is of great potential to them during their placement opportunities.

  • CLP is a mandatory course for all I year non-computer science UG students, conducted with the support of Government of Tamilnadu.
  • The duration of the course is 1 year and the course fee is Rs. 700/-
  • The Tamilnadu Government conducts a common written Examination and issues certificates to the successful candidates.
  • They can register this certificate in employment office for employment opportunity

This Programme helps the students to acquire essential knowledge in Computer. The students become familiar with the methods of Powerpoint presentation, e-mailing, and Internet usage. With the help of free laptop issued by the Tamilnadu Government to the students, they are able to acquire updated knowledge.


Name Designation Mobile Number Faculty Incharge
1 Dr.K.Radhakrishnan Principle 9443882951 Chair Person
2. Dr.E.Bharathi Assistant Professor in Computer Science 9894096247 Coordinator
3 Dr.K.Ramasamy Assistant Professor in Economics 9715744464 Member
4. DR.M.Ramachandran Assistant Professor in Maths 9865285575 Member



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