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The Government Arts and Science College, Sathyamangalam was established in the year 2016.  During that period library was equipped with a minimum collection of books. After that the General Library’s collection increased to above 5000 books including online resources. This library is one of the largest repositories of information in this region. It is modern in terms of services, infrastructure and information technology applications.

     The GASC Library System consists of General Library and 10 departmental libraries which collectively support the teaching, research and extension programmes of this College. All students, faculty members and employees of the Institute are entitled to make use of the Library facilities on taking library membership. Besides, the library has a huge collection of general books. It is proposed to establish a new building with various sections.

          The Library has proposed to have access through mobile for the benefit of the students and staff to facilitate easy access to the faculty, Students and Research Scholars.
The Library caters to the reading and reference needs of the Students, faculty members, and office staff. Our mission is to facilitate convenient and user friendly access to current and relevant information by identifying, acquiring, organizing and retrieving information to serve the information needs of the Students and Lecturer of Government Arts and Science College, Sathyamangalam  to meet their teaching, training and learning requirements.

Library Staff

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Reference Services

This is a personal aid to the user by the library staff in interpreting library collection for study and reference to assist the users to locate the needed information from available sources.

Current Awareness Services

  • Display of New Arrivals
  • Display of Important Information/News on Notice Boards
  • Reprography Services


  • Indhu Tamil Thisai
  • Indian Express


  • Front line
  • Sports Star

General Rules

  • ID card is mandatory to enter into the Library
  • ID card is not transferable
  • Sign in the register kept at the entrance counter before entering the library
  • Writing in, Marking or harming in any way, any belonging to the library is strictly forbidden.
  • If found any damage or defacement, the borrower will be responsible to replace a new one.
  • If lost the book, the borrower have to replace a new one, else pay triple the cost of the book.
  • ID card is compulsory for those who lend books for taking photocopies.
  • Silence to be maintained
  • No louder discussion permitted inside the library
  • Personal belongings not allowed inside the library
  • Usage of mobile phones is not permitted inside the library.
  • Textbooks, printed materials and issued books are not allowed to be taken inside the library
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the library.
  • Faculty can access the Lending service on all working days.
  • During power/system failure the circulation counter services will be temporarily suspended.
  • Readers must respect the serene atmosphere of the Library and avoid behaviour likely to agitate other readers.
  • The library accepts donations of manuscripts, books, and journals etc., which are found useful to the students.
  • Students or staff  who leave the institution for any reason in the middle of the term should return the borrowed books before leaving the institution.